Baleria  is the lesser known part of Stalag Luft 3. It was more than twice the size of the North Compound of the 'main' camp. Today only one building remains.

Nothing to do with the march or the Great Escape but ...

......  the route of the march passes this airfield some 23 Kms from Stalag Luft 3 where Walter Morison and Lorn Welch dressed in fake Luftwaffe uniforms escaped from SL3 and were about to steal an aircraft when they were caught. 

Misc. 'photos

When the existing memorial at Hut 104 was made the bricks that would have supported Hut 104 were scooped up and dumped in this nearby hole. I have souvenired about 20 bricks which are currently in France! Harry descended through a hut support.

I wonder how many of the escapers knew that Zagan railway station was only 600 metres away.

Part of the old Zagan railway station platform which didn't look right without Richard Attenborough and James Garner.

Paul Tobolski I met in 2008 at the opening of the replica of Hut 104. His Father Pawel escaped and was one of the 50 who were shot.

Prisoners overnighted at Muskau, some at the glassworks factory.

This turning point just happens to be on the route from Wulmenau to Lubeck. What a find.

Harry from the air. It was a 500 foot cloud base and poor visibility. Due to the trees you could only see Harry's memorial briefly as you passed end-on.

Why the interest in Stalag Luft 3?

A relative was a forger in Hut 120 having been shot down in early 1943. I've visited the camp a number of times including the opening of the replica of Hut 104 in August 2008 where I met Jason who's a Stalag Luft 3 buff and collector.

Last year Jason Ryanaired into Berlin and we went to the camp site and found all sorts of bits and bobs.

Jason and I will be retracing the march during the European summer in the comfort of a Renault Clio Diesel with climate and cruise control having emailed for hotel accommodation and food along the way. It'll be tough. \(._·)/

40 minutes South of SL3 is Kliczkow at 300 Zloty /£66.00 GBP / €74.00 Euro per night is very good value considering breakfast and dinner is included.
Quiz on the Great Escape here.

Peter Stevens was a German Jew who flew for the RAF and became a Stalag Luft 3 prisoner. He was also awarded Britain's Military Cross


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